Tuesday, December 06, 2016

Leader and Power

Political scientists say there are three ways to achieve a leadership role and power – by election, assumption and by being thrown into the position. Poets say leaders are born not bred. Pragmatists say the otherwise. No matter what the reason, leaders drive people into action. Effective leaders bring the most out of people. Great leaders make a great nation.

The position of a leader has always been the subject of study of scholars and the interest of everybody. No person will honestly admit he has not aspired for a position of leadership. With so many leader wannabes and so many plans and objectives in attaining leadership and in delivering that role, politics comes into play.

There are many different ways in which politics is being played. In the ancient times, arguing leaders fight it out to the death. In the recent history, we have revolutions to sort put whose ideologies are the best. These days, there are elections. However, why are so many people aspiring for leadership?

For many it is their destiny to become leaders, and so they conceive of so many ways to be in the position – like Julius Caesar or Hitler. These people believe that it is the divine will that they lead their people into greatness, although in some cases the people were actually brought into doom.

However, violence is no longer the main and only means to leadership. In modern times, politics played a great role. There are many definitions of politics – the struggle for power, the drive to get more people into your side, the lust for the most resources. In many government houses all over the world, the battle is basically for a vision, for ideas and for charisma. The protagonists may claim they have all but in the end the population will decide, especially in democratic countries.

That is why during election applicants for leadership try to convince voters that their vision is best. They then rally the best ideas to substantiate the vision. And in order to win, they gather the best operatives that will gather resources and knock on the doors of voters. This is politics at its simplest.

However, election to power or assumption (in the case of monarchies) is only the beginning – day 1 in the life of a leader. He must again use politics to sift through swarms of ideas around him. He must prioritize, allocate resources and gather the best minds. Now in every decision there will be winners and losers. It is politics again that will make sure there will be no disintegration of government and society, just because people do not get their ways.

It is essential that leaders become politicians. And for him to succeed, he must be able to communicate well. There may be many definitions of leaders these days but for simplicity’s sake leaders are managers. They are conductors of an orchestra – they will ensure each play their part in society so everybody will have a harmony and one voice – paving the way to success, progress and greatness.